UHURU member Xelimpilo seems t be hooked on nyaope and is losing the grip on life.

Looks like the Uhuru singer is riding on a downward spiral. Xelimpilo “Xeli” Simelane, was allegedly kicked out of his townhouse in Midrand when his record label stopped paying his rent.

The Sunday Sun reported that bosses of kwaito record label, Kalawa Jazmee, finally had enough of Xeli’s allegedly out-of-control behaiviour at he end of 2015. And they stopped paying his monthly rent for his psh townhouse.

According to insiders, Xeli’s substance abuse problem is the main reason Kawala Jazmee  bigwigs decided to cut him off. Evidently it appears that Xeli and his girlfriend had a black Christmas, as he was evicted from his house. He spent the festive season at his parent’s house in Shoshanguve, in Pretoria.

Desperation led him to seek money from Oskido, but he refused to help him. the Kalawa co-founder however gave Xeli an ultimatum. The only help he could give him was to send him to rehab.

According to other sources, Xeli is “always high” and “forever” squatting around his friends’ places ekasi.” “This nyaope addiction is messing out of control because it’s easy to find drugs ekasi. Moving back wasn’t a good idea because nyaope and booze are messing with his career. He is foever seen carrying a ngud’ and zol,” a source explained.

The singer, however, whitewashed rumors that he’s heading for a downfall and spiralling out of control, saying he’s glad he no longer has to live in his Pretoria home.

‘I’m with Majita here you can ask them where I live,’ he said. “It’s just that I’mm no longer staying whhere I used to stay. It’s like I moved out. In fact, I no longer liked the place”.

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