Warning signs you shouldn’t miss!

Should you child or a member of your family fall ill , you undoubtedly take them straight to the doctor or at least encourage them to go. It’s mother’s day so why do busy working women and moms hardly put themselves first when it comes to their own health?

This may opposed down to the lack of time, not wanting to trouble your GP, or even the fear of discovering something serious.

Some symptoms may not scream “emergency”- but could be an early indicator of something that needs attention. While you can rest assured most of your medical niggles aren’t serious. there are certain warning signs everyone should be aware of.

Some of them are easily confused with less serious conditions, so it’s important to know what’s normal for you.

These are some symptoms you should not ignore

Abdominal pain

stomach pain

It can mostly be indigestion or menstrual related pains. Or it could indicate a sign of  tummy bugs, urinary infections, or other gynae problems. It’s  a good idea to keep track of what’s normal and abnormal to you. It might also be ovarian cancer. This is the fourth most most common cancer in women. The prognosis is much poor if the disease is not identified until abdominal or pelvic pain, bloating, an increased need to urinate, a swollen abdomen, changes in bowel habits and unusual vaginal bleeding.


Unusual bleeding

This might appear to be a minor condition . But blood in your stools or on the toilet paper is probably piles. If it’s in your urine, you may have an infection that needs treatment. While a nosebleed that doesn’t stop after ten minutes is probably a blood vessel that needs medical attention.  Vaginal bleeding could be irregular periods, breakthrough bleeding if you’re on the Pill, or other treatment condition.

Something more serious- depending on where and how you’re bleeding. Blood in your stools, especially if it’s black and tarry could be bowel cancer, polyps or an ulcer.

And unexplained vaginal bleeding between periods, after sex or post menopause, could indicate cervical or uterine cancer.

Unexplained weight loss

It is mostly likely to be a sign of stress, anxiety or depression. Changes in lifestyle can affect you too- even if you’re not dieting, you may be eating less or being more active. Or it might just be an overactive thyroid, an infection, liver disease. HIV or cancer.

It could also suggest another digestive disorder. Unexplained weight loss of more than 5% body weight in mouth, or 10% over six months should be checked out. It’s unusual for an adult’s weight loss to fluctuate by more than 4kg for no reason.


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