What happened to the sounds of birds in of birds in the morning while the sun was creeping through the blinds?

What happened to the smile and promises of a better tomorrow with you still being mine?

What happened to hopes and dreams of you one day taking my last name?

What happened to all this, for it seems to have all vanished in a day?

What happened to you not wanting to leave yet I must beg u to stay?

What happened to me dying in your arms some day when we both old, bold and gray?

What happened to the undying love that we always preached to each other back in the days?

What happened to my reflection in your eyes because I can see it’s no longer there


What happened to the feud between my heart and mind as the heart wanted you to stay,

Yet slowly my mind felt you slip away,

What happened to the dry throat and painful chest I had when we didn’t speak for a day?

Truth is along the way what happened was that my heart saw it fit to let you slip away

What happened is that my heart didn’t see you there



also read Kagiso King Mashai’s Love Sound poem




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