Cold breeze that chills the spine accompanied by the loud silence of the dark
Insects screeching, under the watchful eye of bats and owls yet i would hear the beating of my heart
And so i lay on the bed that we once shared with my heart and mind apart
The heart beat serves as an instrument for the blood flowing in my veins be the melody
A weird tune is played for there’s sorrows,joy and love in this sweet yet sad sad melody
A melody that plays for a brocken heart and only it can hear it
Tears feel one’s eyes as an emotional sensation overwhelms and old wounds are open by it
A sad melody that plays for a restless soul lost in thoughts looking at the ceiling for it is a sleepless night
A sad soul that doesn’t wanna be hurt but not loving doesn’t feel right
Same old sad feelings now make a bitter soul out of a broken heart
Scattered and all over the place with emotions and a room now ornamented with peaces of a broken heart
The love that once illuminated a room and gave life has casted the shadow of night upon ones heart



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