Prom is the most magical evening of the senior year; the night when geeks become beauty queens, actors dance with athletes and nerds become supermodels.

We know that deciding on what to wear for your matric prom can be a hassle as finding the dress of your dreams and keeping up with the budget of finishing the rest of your look. Planning for this big night can take weeks and even months as finding the perfect look that goes with the school theme can be a beautiful nightmare. For the guys planning for this day might be as easy as ABC, as for the ladies migraine pills could be the most important thing to have in your purse.

This is a good time to look on how the finances work in your family. Keep things in perspective while respecting your parent’s wallet, you can peacefully make it through prom season with some cash left in their pocket for your graduation.

How do I stay put with a tight budget and still look like a movie star, you might wonder. Worry no more, for we have some tips for you if you cannot afford a top designers:

  • You buy the best fabric and find a good local tailor around your town or city who will finish your dress in time.
  • Hiring a dress at less cost is also an option
  • Show them the design you would have chosen from the pictures we have gathered specially for you.
  • To cut down on the cost you can do your own hair of makeup; if you’re good at it.
  • A nail kit is a must have, plus you won’t have to pay for nails in the long run.
  • For transport instead of hiring an expensive limo, you can opt for something cheaper yet elegant and fitting for your grand entrance.

Remember to be classy, elegant and sophisticated, and simplicity fits in all these key words.

These are just some of the ideal looks.


PLUM prom dress and makeup


2015 Trends



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