The Move Magazine reported that Peter Sephuma, who plays Miles Vilakazi in etv’s Rhythm City, is accused of taking advantage of young girls by his 23 year old fling Thandeka Mamatu from Carletonville.

Thandeka told Move Magazine that the 61 year old actor slept with her close friend, Valery, in front of her without protection, after she refused to have intercourse with him.

Peter was hoping to have a threesome with the girls after a night of partying.

“Peter wanted a threesome, but ended up sleeping with Valery only because I lied, saying I was on my menstruation to avoid sleeping with him.” Thandeka said.

“When we arrived at Peter’s house I asked to take a bath and for a place to sleep, he told me we are all sleeping in one bed.”

“He slept in the middle and started touching me, but I told him I’m on my periods and he rolled over to Valery and had sex with her.” Thandeka told the Move Magazine.

Peter admitted to sleeping with a girl without protection and claims it was Thandeka whom he slept with not her friend.

“I didn’t sleep with her friend, I slept with the girl from Carletonville, Thandeka. She came with her naughtiness and so did I.” Peter said.

“After we slept together, we both said, eish, we should have used condoms. But then she said, if I’m not sick and she is not sick, it’s not a problem,” Peter told the Move Magazine.


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