Keys to relax

With the cyber generation and busy schedules taking over our lives, you sometimes need to take pressure off your busy schedule.

We are about to be thrown into the demands and stresses of life with work, kids, homework, maintaining friendships,taking perfect selfies and keeping a  marriage or relationship healthy. This is our everyday lives and the mere thought of it all may make you want to run and hide.

Working long hours without sufficient rest triple the chance of having a heart attack. Just by resting you can slow your heart and rate and respiration, and decrease levels of adrenalin. It’s our brain that suffers most when we’re deprived of rest.

Worry not because we have tips for you to finding harmony and stability

Nap time

People who are forced to stay awake find that by the second or third day, they experience memory loss and hallucinations. And when deprived of sleep, the brain presents as with delusions. That’s why it’s important to look for inner peace, for a space that is just your own, which will ensure you calm down take control of your life. “Time outs” or “power naps”- a 10-20 minutes sleep refreshes and restores your system as if you’ve slept the whole night.


Switch off your phone

relax With the Internet,hashtags, retweets, our cellphones are the biggest stress culprits. They make it difficult for us to bring our minds to a state of calmness.

First of all- switch off your cellphone, no how tempting it may be to see that trending video on Instagram.

This new technology gadgets were supposed to help us, but instead they’re overloading us indiscriminately. The mobile and interest revolution makes people constantly accessible, leaving them no ” me time” to relax and be calm. It’s crazy and unhealthy.

Take a chill pill and relax more

It doesn’t cost much to relax, and the benefits are very rewarding. It’s important to let yourself be. Meditation is one of the remedies that easily takes your mind away from the hustle and grind of daily life.

And never underestimate the power of dose of chill-out music. Listen to your favorite jazz and your soul music. If you spend all day in the office and knock off late, you could be denying yourself calming healing light. Get out and about at lunchtime and feed on some vitamin D.

And on the weekends take a walk in the park or sit somewhere quiet, absorb the scenery and feel the calm and tranquility of being outdoors.



Just breathe

Breathing is the cornerstone of meditation as it is the source of life. Deep breathing calms the mind. Download apps on your phone or tablet that will give you step by -step guide to finding you inner calm and balance. Try Qigong better known as Chi Kung (energy breathing), which is an ancient Chinese mode of exercise that combines rhythmic breathing with gentle movement, mental focus and inner stillness.




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