COSATU members  and the people of Tzaneen took to the Magistrate Court to protest against racism. 

no to racism

ANC, COSATU members and the people of Tzaneen have had enough with Racism. They took to the streets today to protest after a petrol attendant Johannes Monyela (31) was assaulted at a Sasol petrol station at Tzaneen on Saturday night. A video of the incident was cought on CCTV cameras and the video has now gone  viral.

The video captured on CCTV shows the three men arriving at the petrol station in a red car just before midnight. Monyela is seen having a conversation with the driver and immediately after the other passenger came out and started beating him. Shortly the other passenger joined while the driver tried to break the fight.

A security guard also tried to help but was overpowered. Monyela ran for cover in the the staff’s room but the attack continued inside. Monyela says he didn’t provoked the suspects. “I want the law to take it’s course”. Monyela said; This incident made me feel bad,  I need people who canhelp me on this case, maybe the government . ”

The management of the petrol station condemned the incident. The suspects both 26 years old, appeared at the Magistrate Court on charges of assault and were released on bail. The case had been postponed to today.


The people from Tzaneen and around te area of Greater Tzaneen Municipality and Letaba Municipality,  protest against racism.  This led to the shops being closed for the day. With videos and the Hashtag #Black_Lives_Matter going viral all over social media. 




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