I don’t know who I am anymore

Because people keep trying change me

The way I walk and the way i talk

The way i carry myself is totally different I feel like they are keeping me in cage and I can’t break free

It’s like they are killing me

I feel everyone is controlling me

Like I’m a puppet on puppet strings


When I look in the mirror I see someone else

Someone who is scared of being herself

Out of the fear of being judged

I feel they are breaking everything I am

Because no one wants to accept me for who I am

I feel less confident than I ever have in my whole life

Because I keep pretending to be someone else I’m not

Just to please my friends and family

For what?

Isn’t them who are supposed to accept me?

Supposed to love me for who I am

Not wanting to change me all the time

I feel like I’m dying inside because everything I do is never right

It’s probably why I’m so in love with boys

Because they are the only ones who can show me love

And I know by them I will never be judged

Because my friends are the puppeteers

And I’m the puppet on puppet strings


My friends treat me like a joke

They strongly believe I have no feelings

They don’t believe that their words destroy me

They all think its fun and games

But they don’t realize all the pain they cause

They just change and change me

Because they are the puppeteers

I’m the puppet on puppet strings

I could most probably forget them and be on my own

But then again I have a fear of being alone

So I grin and bear it, I will change for them

So they have won

And I have lost

But it’s fine

I guess I’m just a puppet on puppet strings


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