One day a fish was full pride, thinking it is better than a butterfly since it can swim and knowing very well that butterfly and water are not friends.

So one day it happens that as the fish is busy bragging. A bird come flying and got the fish and pull it out of the water and luck enough the fish manage to escape from the mouth of the bird and landed on the ground.

Butterfly went to the fish dancing and singing loud. Hey friend swim back to the water. But due to the different platform the fish couldn’t swim and the butterfly said, “you see! When you are in your environment or platform of operation, you thought you are better than me.” But look now!

Never look down at people, for one day you will need their help.

After saying those words the butterfly call his friend eagle and asked him to take back the fish to the water. And the eagle did as his friend butterfly asked.

Food for thoughts: pride is a sign of a man downfall. Never underestimate other people just because you can do what they can’t do. We are all parts of the body of Christ. We need one another.


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