The truth  behind the beautiful Marijuana

There are always myths surrounding the alleged herbal tree.

The myth

It has been said that marijuana is harmless since it is a “natural flower herb” unlike tobacco and nicotine.

The truth is it is not risk free. It has been proven that the regular use of weed drug can be associated with long-term problems like poor academic performance, Tetrahydrocannabol (THC), memory loss and lung cancer. And a developing brain, like those of teenagers,weed can be toxic and lead to panic attacks, depression and anxiety.

The picture below shows parts of the brain affected by THC


The myth

Marijuana isn’t as bad as cigarettes.

That is not true. Pot actually contains many of the same cancer causing chemicals in tobacco. Puff for puff, smoking weed may increase the risk of cancer as much as tobacco does

Myth: Weed is not addictive

Studies show that more teens enter treatment each year with pot as the main substance that they abused. Remember the earlier you start using drugs the harder it is to quit at a later stage. Recently 64% of teens were admitted for treatment as their main drug of choice vs 36% of all other substances, including alcohol.

Weed is addictive, as it meets the criteria for substances dependence, including:

  • Tolerance (needing more of the substance to achieve the same high effect)
  • The desire for more of the weed effect make it hard for the user to quit.
  • Giving up social, occupational or recreational activities

Facts you cannot argue with

  • Smoking weed leads to some changes in the brain similar to those caused by cocaine, heroin and alcohol.
  • Although it is constantly promoted as ‘all natural’ weed smoke contains more than 400 chemicals
  • Long-term pot use can lead to addiction.


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