The male pill is set hit the shelves in 2018, and it’s going to change everything

male birth control pill

The Times reports that Vasagel, a non hormonal injection of polymer, is poised to to be on sale in the US by  2018.

This proposed male contraceptive pill will work by blocking the sperm-carrying ducts with gel, preventing sperm from passing. one injection of the contraceptive could last for years.

The Vasagel  will work in a way that while it blocks sperm, other fluid can still pass through, thus reducing the risk of pain due to pressure, an occasional issue with vasectomies.

The idea is that once you’re ready to become a baby daddy, you’ll get another injection with a substance that dissolves the gel. Research estimates that at least half of men will use it.

Sounds easy peasy enough, but trials are still under way.

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