Theo Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen were denied bail on their trial this Thursday.

Oosthuizen and Jackson were seeking bail before their trial of the so-called coffin assault and kidnapping.This was after they had initially abandoned their application in the Middleburg Magistrates’ Court.

Middleburg Magistrate Jongilizwe Dumehleli described the incident as sadistic and racist.

The accused shoved the victim, Rethabile Mlotshwa, in a coffin while he screamed in terror and asked them not to do it.

The duo Claim Mlotshwa’s actions caused them to lose their cool, saying they were forced to act when they found him with stolen copper cables. 

The men claim they didn’t want to report the alleged theft to the police as Mlothwa ha threatened their families.

However Dumehleli rejected the claims that the victim threatened them.

Magistrate Jongilizwe Dumehleli denied them bail, saying that their claims are improbable especially taking into account their courage to force the victim into the coffin.

Even the defence counsel conceded this isn’t right. The question is who taught them of the use of the word K@#$r, since the applicants were 6 and 7 years old in 1994.

The request of bail was again opposed by the state, and an SMS that has been circulating among local farmers, threatening farm attacks if the two are released, was submitted into evidence.

The local community and the whole of South Africa waits to see what happens next in this racially charged case.


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