Love emits no sound but music to the heart

Skipping a bear when I see her is a symbol of dance moves by the heart

As it dance to a weird melody sweeter than the melody of a Twitty bird

A rush overwhelming sweet sensation make the body shiver with heat

As the base in the chest makes it hard to sing along with the heart beat


It is the birth of priceless happy and sad memories

Those who never had real love claim it bring miseries

But as I write this I’m in love with an amazing woman

A vicious woman who’s love is the reason I have a heart beat, joy and a smile on my face

A phenomenon  woman who’s tough enough to smile while tears run down her face

My woman who’s smile is prettier than the sun set at the Sahara desert

Her love makes me laugh as others groan over our happiness

Their hate on us made me love her even more with all this contingencies



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