LIFE The slightest whistle in the wind


The swirling dance of the leaves

The whispering meadows of green

It’s filled with beauty or so it seems

One flash of lightning could kill you;

One loud bang could kill the picture

The fine red petals of the rose would finally wither.

The memory would stay in your mind

When finally you become old and withered like the rose

The slight beautiful memory would be lost

When your mind shut down and closed

You would still remember how you felt

When you thought about that picture

But suddenly you felt no care

The beauty of the world was not important

Just the constant changing technology and what to wear


As you go by in day to day life


You don’t realize that even the slightest thing around you could be dear

Watching your daughter grow up, those moments with your friends

But only once we’ve lost it is finally clear

You should appreciate the things you have

While it is still in your grasp

Enjoy what you have before all is lost

POET: Kayla Goosen


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