In most cases we don’t lose a fight because we are powerless rather we lose a fight because we are fighting on the wrong ground.

An eagle doesn’t fight a snake on the ground instead it takes the fight to the sky where it has power and authority.

“O se ke wa latelela noga ka moshemeng wa yona etla go bolaya”  meaning don’t fight with a snake on its flied/ground, you  will die.

Same apply to the challenges we go through it life. We will never overcome  them as long as we are fighting  the fight  with a negative attitude.

“Negative + negative = Negative.” never expect good results with a negative attitude.

Now when faced with a challenge(fight) in life, take your time and check if the place (attitude) you at, is the right place to fight at. if not then change your attitude or don’t go into a fight at all.


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