INNOCENT goats are in the middle of a long, bitter battle between rival farmers who are fighting over grazing.

On Saturday morning, 93 goats were found dead!

The heartbroken farmers received the shocking news from other farmers at KwaNobuhle Essential Oils, about 5km away from Gunguluza, KwaNobuhle in Uitenhage.

They were told that the remaining 99 goats were also in danger because they had all been grazing together.

“It was like a massacre and it was the first of its kind on the farm,” said Lindelwa Jacobs (41), one of the trustees of the farm.“First we had 26 goats that died on Wednesday.

“The next day the figure rose to 48, and on Friday, the number grew to 72. By Saturday, 93 had died.“The goats were lying with their feet pointing to the sky, as if they had been struck by lightning.“We suspect the goats are being poisoned by one of the farmers. In fact, three of us trustees have been given a court order by him and we are meeting in court on 9 February.

“Beside the protection order, which stated that we were prohibited from setting foot on the land, he told our shepherd he does not want our goats to graze on that land,” said Lindelwa. Each goat costs approximately R1 800.

The farmer in the middle of this goat poisoning saga denied the allegations.He said: “I’m a farmer myself and would not do such a cruel thing.”Police spokesman Sergeant Majola Nkohli said: “We are investigating a case of malicious injury to property.

“Meat samples were obtained from the carcasses and sent to the laboratory for analysis.“Police are busy with investigations.”


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