Cooking fun this easter with Lorna Maseko!!

Lorna Maseko goes from Masterchef kitchen to cooking with friends and family. This is what we all would like to know: how does she do it all? Most of you know Maseko for being a Top Billing presenter, but this multi talented business woman is also a ballerina, yes you read right. She was mostly seen as a judge at dancing competitions and reality shows and more recently as a contestant in the Masterchef kitchen.

Now the talented TV personality moves from entertainment world to the food industry. This easter she has something exciting planned for the whole family.

Her latest Cooking with Lorna and Friends event presents an Easter family Affair- a fun food experience- at Maropeng on 12 March.

The talented presenter launched her own cooking event in December 2014 and is held quarterly. Mis Masako also announced that the event will only hold 120 people, but the idea has grown and they want to make sure that this year they are able to accommodate its increasing popularity.

“The whole family will be able to enjoy this event because we have a lot of activities lined up for th whole family such as a bar for chilling area for the grown-ups and a jungle gym for kids to play on, while we will also have an area where they will be able to build their own burgers. People will also get a chance to explore the Maropeng caves,” she said.

Although this is about exploring different ways to cook and enjoy healthy food as well as going out as a family, the Top Billing presenter said it was to give people a chance to explore and learn about different tourism locations in Gauteng.

“This is a cooking experience designed to help build ones confidence. The aim is to teach them that good home cooking and entertaining can be fun and not a boring chore,” Maseko added.

The food made at the vent will be donated to the surrounding areas of the venue which is another plus for the day. There will also be food and beverages stalls and picnic baskets on sale.

  • Tickets to the event – An Easter Affair range from R100 to R640.
  • For more information email   or call 011 024 2041\



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