DJ Divalash will represent South Africa at the Ghana DJ Awards

The 26year old DJ who is also known for her flamboyant hairstyles has been nominated as the Best International Non-Ghananian DJ at this year’s Ghana DJ Awards in Accra next Friday.

Modiselle became a household name when she made history by becoming the first female juggler to win the Annual Red Square DJ Knockout Challenge

The DJ, who also sings, produces and acts, was born and raised in Soshanguve. Her journey to the top hasn’t been a walk in the park, since she began hustling in 2008. She started playing in taverns and pubs but today she¬† will flies the South African flag high.

As someone who regards herself as “shy”, she lets her music do the talking. She also has a YouTube channel where she puts her work out there, and gets scouted by promoters, award committees and fans online.

“I’m glad all my hard work is not in vaain and that I’m representing my country on the continent,” she said.

The young talented woman said she is grateful this year the committee can pay for her flights and accommodation. “In 2013 I had to take out a personal loan to fund my trip. It was the saddest thing, because as an artist in this country it’s difficult to get support and sponsors when it matters,” Modiselle said.

She plays commercial house, a bit of Hip-Hop and Western African highlife style.

We congratulate Dj Divalash for

This festive season with will be getting reveallers onto the dance floor US, Mozambique and Portugal.

This year’s Red Square DJ Knockout takes place on December 16 in Mpumalanga, and will feature international DJ Ralf Gum as a judge.



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