#Gigaba Resign

Cyril Ramaphosa Wants Malusi Gigaba To Resign = “I Want The Letter When I Come Back From Europe” Said The President

A private conversation between the President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa and the Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba has leaked and found it’s way to us!

Judging by the contents of the email, the President is not at all happy about the leaking of Minister Malusi Gigaba’s 4-5 video.

In the conversation, the President instructed Malusi Gigaba to do the right thing and resign from his position as minister. The President closed the conversation by saying he expects the resignation letter when he comes back from Europe!

If you still haven’t seen Malusi Gigaba’s 4-5 video that landed him in hot water with the president.
This conversation was leaked by anonymously by a mole close to the situation, the mole informed Man’s Not Barry Roux on twitter and a few other sources including us about the conversation between the President and the Minister!

Malusi Gigaba has since issued a public apology after the leaking of the video.

Members of the public have been advised by experts to be careful when using technology, saying it’s impossible that the Minister’s phone was hacked. He either purposely sent the video to whoever leaked it or he carelessly left his phone lying around and the video was stolen without his consent!


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