….In my heart, I’ve always tried to be such a good partner, so why would I now do otherwise? I would do otherwise simply because I deserve better. I have tried so hard to be good enough for you. While you became good at throwing it back in my face.

Relationships break apart because we let them be broken.
When something is meant to be it will happen.
Do you think if you remained a good partner, the relationship will not be broken?
Let me walk you through this dark gloomy truthful path… The biggest mistake you can make in a relationship is treating the other person better than they treat you.
Some people will never fit in your life, no matter how much love you show  them. They won’t fit in your life, no matter how much you want them to. Lower your standards and break your boundaries all you want : biggest mistake ever. All you have to do is accept that they prefer tea instead of coffee, that they’d rather pick up stones, but you’re a diamond baby so reflect on them.

You are a perfect hundred, stop dividing and subtracting yourself just to fit the standards of anyone who can’t see your worth.
Holding on to such people won’t change them. This is like trying to play sweet melodies using a guitar with broken strings. More like holding a razor blade in your palms, the more you hold tightly the deeper the cut. The more you try, the more they take advantage knowing that you’d always forgive and take them back.
Don’t give more than you receive, know your worth and own it.
Not every place you fit in is where you belong. Holding on to people who don’t appreciate you, leaves no room for those who will, to enter your life.
If you’re in a relationship filled with negativity or anything of that sort . If you feel like you’re getting less than what you deserve.  It’s about time you found some worth in the reflection you see in the mirror.

Remember, when you let go of the wrong people, you create space for the right ones to enter. Set your standards high fall in love with yourself, you’re worth it



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