You were once mine

You held my hand

But you chose to walk away

Did we really have to end?

Or did I do something wrong?


You chose to go your way,

that only seemed fair

You knocked me down

Never even bothered to say goodbye

I told my self not to cry

You didn’t deserve me or my tears

i thought we were just fooling around

…It was all just a lie


You are the kind of a  guy I never thought I’d find

The one I would love to hate

But your spotlight has been claimed

Why now? It’s all just the same

It is what it is

Everywhere I go , I hear you name

I just bow my head in shame

It what I’m doing wrong?

Or is it the feeling of  regret?


It felt like a movie scene

Never mind the fact that

it was just a daily routine

I needed more space

to clarify my my face

Thought I was having fun

but at the end I turned blue

I didn’t have a clue


Just to clarify my mind

only to find out that my expectations

were beyond measure

But to you, it was just a daily pleasure

Poet: Anonymous

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