Just when South Africa thought they have seen enough from a pastor that made his congregation eat grass to a pastor that also went viral after he used Doom on his fellow congregation as a way to chase demons away.

Now there is a pastor that uses a Castle lite beer as an anointing on his congregation,    should we be worried about our fellow Christians being misled in this churches into thinking that all these work? or should, we are worried about the rising of cult churches in our country and what is our government doing about all this?

what is it that our fellow Christians are going to about the rise of cult churches and fake prophets taking advantage of their beliefs, and what is our government doing about this? As it affects a lot of church-going people into being robbed of their assets, and everything that they have worked hard for in their lives.

It is quite clear that these days our country has experienced a growth in a number of churches being founded. But the question we should be asking is are all these churches there to serve the Lord? or are they just business, as we have seen a couple of pastors and prophets busy selling a number of different things to their congregation from anointing oil, sanitary pads and a lot more claiming that they are blessed yet those things are for their own personal use and benefits.

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