The master sculpture’s job is to clear away what is not the image and reveal the masterpiece inside a stone.  This amazing principle applies to all of us. To find your masterpiece; the life you were meant to live, you must look inside. It’s there waiting for you to clear away all that is not you; the negative stories you tell about yourself, the defeatist attitude toward overcoming your obstacles to your vision.

sculpture of David
Sculpture of Michelangelo’s David

Just like the art of sculpture, I believe that in each block of stone there is a figure hidden inside, waiting to be revealed no matter how dirty the stone might be. Potential lies in all of us, though sometimes it’s hard to see. You may not be a genius like one of history’s greatest sculptors Micheangelo, but just as he was able to carve David from a giant block of stone that was so damaged that his contemporaries considered it ‘ruined ‘ and a ‘thing of no value,’ you can carve your path to success.


Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back.  Life is all about choices and consequences of those choices. And every time we find ourselves at a moment of decision, we tend to get anxious. We often fear the outcome of the unseen leading to blur visions of the dreams that once appeared clear.

Failures are bound to be the potholes on our highway to success. And one need not to stop when they get a puncture or a flat Tyre, you simply change your Tyre and carry on with the race. And the winner is not determined by who ran first, but who reaches the finish line. Winners are not quitters and quitters are not winners.

Fight the feeling of the these; metathesiophobia and philophobia and you will stay winning.

Remember it’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.

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