Weeks after Gareth made a post ongareth supporting, a tweet made by Sparrow comparing black people with monkeys.Has went to an extreme end, were Gareth’s fans  lashed at him for being a racist.Apart from being recognized as a racist,Gareth has taken the M-net broadcasting channel to court,suing them for money owed to him and to be reinstated as judge at idols. M-net fired him after the tweet he made in response of the one that Sparrow had already made.Now the ANC youth league plans to protest at the idols season 12 at Durban.At CAPE TOWN-The African national congress youth league(ANCYL),plans to protest outside the m-net idols auditions.

Tembinkosi josophu of the ANC youth league national committee told mzansinews that “Gareth cliff is a racist.A racist of the highest extremes”we will picket outside the idols auditions at Durban”.”we are going to protest”He said

This comes after judge coralline Nichols ruled in the south Gauteng high court on Friday that M-net should reinstate Gareth as the judge of the idols.

So far M-net has issued a tease statement hours after the judge reached his verdict,finally confirming that they will ”we will reinstate Gareth cliff as the judge of the season 12 of idols.And Cliff plans to hold a press conference at cliff central  headquarters on Saturday at Johannesburg.This press conference seems to be aiming at rectifying the the mistakes made,explaining to the press about what he actually meant on the tweet made,some of the many things to be talked about is going to be his feature with M-net after the racist sagger.

Also a feature that is going to be set for Cliff central,after all that has happened  in the past few weeks and the affect it had at the cliff central and to his own image situated in Johannesburg.

nun of the judges will be present at the Durban auditions as they only participate in the next round in which golden tickets will be handed out for theater week.


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