The ANC’s Johannesburg branch decided to follow the trending, tried and trusted “sex sells” strategy for their campaign.

The ANC JOZI took to Twitter with a post of a woman in a skimpy swimsuit. But it quickly backfired when they came under fire: The party had earlier posted a this picture of of a hot woman in an ANC coloured swimming costume with the question: “What do you make of this new ANC swim wear?” The tweet was followed by the hash-tags #Registrationweek and #VoteANC.

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Soon sanity urged the party to apologize for the tweet. “Comrades, we apologize for the tweet we posted earlier. It was inappropriate. We apologize to all women and comrades.Such will not happen again,” reads the rapid apology.

Some users defended the party. They said that most women walk the streets half-naked, so critics had no right to be opportunistic feminists. While others accused the party of degrading women.

These are some of the tweets: @Muzi_Draeeted tweeted: “Sies! Now you use naked women to campaign.”

User @ Mlindli said: “I guess you guys are too late. the damage is done. what were you thinking? Did she agree to having her picture posted? Who came up with this?”

@WhatIsIsItIs tweeted: “Are you for real? Who approves your material? Then you blame society for associating the ANC with pantypreneurs? Sies man! No morals.”

@diggi_mix responded: “You saw it fit to send the pic. Do not apologize. It shows you value women’s votes not their dignity.”

@solkganyago tweets: “Don’t apologize for the tweet. Apologize for objectifying women. That’s what the outrage is about.”

@miss_andisa said: “Why did you tweet it in the first place, when it goes against everything you stand for?’

It is very clear that tweeter users were very offended by the sexy ANC post. Is this a new way of #WomanCrushWednesday?


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