Partners come and go, relationships begin and end, even the best of lovers can sometimes let distance come between them.

Most of the time, we are the ones who let this happen. It’s some gossip you hear, a misunderstanding over something, an attitude shown without thought, or an expectation higher than anyone could possibly achieve.
And most of the time is just lack of trust, inconsistent, need of change, and unfaithfulness.
Though we realise the importance of the relationship, little things can make us forget how important the dear partner really is, and on an impulse we make the wrong choice.
To distance ourselves and let go of a solid relationship for a little fun.

When you’ve lost it all you start to wonder and realise that she/he might have been the one.
Have you ever heard of distance healing a wound?
A wound in the heart cannot be healed with distance or time  because it’s within us and memories won’t just disappear. “Time heals all wounds” goes the saying, but do we truly know or get to experience this? It doesn’t mean that if you don’t see the person who hurt you, for a long, long time, your wounds will be healed. If it did, then where do grudges come from?
It means that after time passes and one concludes that holding onto bad people and bad memories is foolishness, healing is finally achieved.

Grudges don’t hurt anyone but you. When you hold onto something bad, it goes with you everywhere you go, just like a tiring burden hanging around your neck.
If you think about it, why carry it with you when you could just put it down and move on. When you finally decide that you are better off without that one person you truly fell in love with, you find inner peace. You will feel it when it’s time to let go.You accept that one conversation couldn’t fix the broken promises, trust issues and the cracks of your broken relationship.

You accept that it wasn’t meant to be. The time has come for you to free your heart from misery.
I know it’s easier said than done, to just wake up and decide you’ll be walking the the rest of the path alone. Especially if your greatest fear is being alone, but that’s all that you have at the end of the day, you have you alone.

All of a sudden you have no interest in anything to do with that one person that once made you feel complete. Forgive them in your heart, and also decide never to be hurt in that way again.

But do we have to distance ourselves? Do you always have to remember how disappointed they once made you feel every time you hear that person’s name? Have no interest in anything to do with that person?
Is this a sign of being over that person and moving on?
I believe that this is a sign of anger. Why do we often take the same wrong course as others -by distancing ourselves, changing our attitude, or seeing them in a different light – just to protect ourselves?

In my heart, I’ve always tried so hard to be a good partner….
So why would I now do otherwise? …….


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