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There is always an increase in food-related illness in the warmer months. The spike in salmonella cases in summer is drastic, so take care to refrigirate, clean and cook foods properly.

Another important factor is to check the expiry date when dealing with fresh food. Throw away any foods that are past their sell-by dates.

Tips to avoid getting sick

There are five simple rules to follow to prevent food poisoning over these hot Mzansi days:

  • Keep food refrigerated
  • Keep food clean
  • Heat foods properly to kill any bacteria
  • Keep your house clean and plates clean always wash your hands before handling any food
  • Keep your hands


Splendid spinach


Spinach has the ability to help prevent many health problems. It is an excellent sources of folate (folic acid) and this has the ability to prevent birth defects, when consumed during early pregnancy.

A study by Harvard researchers shows that about 66940 women had a 40% reduction in ovarian cancer when their diets were rich in the flavonoid kaemepferol, contained spinach. Flavonoids in spinachand peppers are also associated with lower rates of liver infection and liver cancer. Plus, just serving of spinach or broccoli aweek dramatically reduces the risks of prostate in men



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