When I was younger

I met the perfect stranger

Naive of me, I fell instantly

It wasn’t too long when he did me wrong

For so long I thought it made me strong

He had only brought me a rope to hang my emotions


The first cut is the deepest

but the rest still flipping hurt

Now you build your heart of rocks and plastic

You’ve become more cynical and sarcastic

and end up in the corner of your own


I’d love to feel love but I can’t take rejection

I hide behind the walls I’ve built as a form of protection

I wanna get close to him, but he’s under my inspection

So what’s the point of getting my hopes high

while I’m best at pushing those I care for in the wrong directions


As time goes on you get over the past

Throw all you skeletons in the closet

Hoping they don’t escape on Halloween

Swimming in shallow water to avoid drowning

Where is the fun in all of that?

You hide your feelings to avoid heartache

You’re passing through darkness, hiding

but there’s nothing except your emotions death


I’d love to show him my feelings and emotions

Yet I hide behind my jokes as a form of protection

This is no form of perfection

Afraid disappointment might crush the ball


You claim to be happier when you’re alone

But each night you desperately try to sleep

For your heart is sad and your eyes are tired

And all the green plant keeps you wired

It gives you wings to fly,

sky high form your lonely self, but it never lasts

Now you’re smoking like a chimney

It’s getting dark in that heart of yours

You need a little light


Coz I’d love to feel love

but I can’t stand rejection

I hide behind my happy smile

as a form of protection

I want him closer, yet he’s under inspection

There’s plenty fish in the sea for me to make a selection

I’d jump in if it weren’t for my eye infection

But all I wanna do is make a connection

with this fish before me

Seems like I’ve been running in the wrong direction


Poet: Katie Roxanne

more of Katies’ poems here


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